Water movment sideways

colokid(5)June 19, 2011

I figured that container forum is the best place to ask this. How far will water move sideways in my raised beds? My beds are 4 by 8 foot and 10 inches deep. Siting on concrete, not dirt. I know water movement is dependent on mixture. My "soil" is a pretty good mixture like I use in container that I won't get into. Can I water down the middle and expect the moisture to move 2 foot each way? Or will I have to water in like 2 rows and let it soak 1 foot each way? Or even have to sprinkle the whole thing?

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Hard to say. It will depend on your soil and how much water you apply. I do know that water seeps through the mixture like an inverted cone, with more coverage below.

You could do some tests yourself by inserting your finger or a wooden dowel down to see what coverage you're getting.

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