Today's Visitor~ Share whats happening in your garden~ :-)

jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)June 27, 2011

The first of my son's sunflowers have bloomed! :-) This one is called Jr. Hybrid, and it only grows to be 18" tall! I love it and the flower is about 1 1/2" across. As soon as it opened, we had a visitor. :-)

Please join me and share what's happening in your garden.

Pets, family and friends are always welcome too . :-)


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Total noob to the forum and gardening in general. Love the sight!

Here are a few of my container garden; mostly SWCs...

Sugar Baby watermelon in 5 gallon SWC. Planted approximately 3 weeks ago. It has probably tripled in size.

Okra in an 18 gallon SWC. Planted from seed approximately 5 weeks ago. Lost one of the seedlings to a bird, so now left with 7 plants :(

Cayenne pepper in 5 gallon SWC. Planted approximately 2 months ago. Plant has tripled in size. 4 little peppers on there at the moment.

Atkinson tomato in 5 gallon SWC. Planted approximately 2 months ago. This thing has exploded. Currently 5 fruits, 3 of which are visible. Tons of flowers.

These 3 tomatoes are in standard containers. Planted approximately 3 months ago and are coming along nicely now that we have quit overwatering them. From left to right: Better Bush, Beefmaster, Black Krim. 4 fruits on the Better Bush, Lots of flowers on the Beefmaster but no fruit yet. A few flowers on the Krim, no fruit.

Roma tomato in 5 gallon SWC. Planted approximately 3 weeks ago as a ROUGH looking transplant. Lots of new growth since then though and I have pruned the ugliness. It's growing a little crooked but oh well...

A couple of herbs in a 5 gallon SWC. Planted 2 weeks ago. Basil and Cilantro.

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