not exactly strawberry fields ova heer...PICS

achampag(5b)June 15, 2011

first off, wonderful forum. thanks! been learning a lot.

i live in downtown indianapolis. you can see extensive pictures of my garden on my twitpic here:

i have all sorts of things. but might have bitten off a bit too much, and am now ready for some rewards to alleviate some frustration. bee balm and basil...i am finally winning the war on these...but now my strawberries have issues.

sigh. these are in pro-mix...not the bale, the green organic bag. (my maters are in the bale promix. yes i have read al's fabulous long pieces on soil, just not in time for this season)

they have been fertilized w that plant tone, and more recently w a controlled release fert. 12-4-8, like al said.

they were sprayed a little w neem in early may. more recently i tried a sulphur/pyrethrin 3 in 1 from ortho elements. i only got away w that b/c we have had so much blankity blank rain lol dont worry i found out that is a big no-no.

so i could keep using the 3 in 1, which really doesnt seem to be working...or i have the bonnide copper fungicide that i used successfully on my maters. i am pretty sure this is fungus. i would rather NOT buy any more demon ortho monsanto products, but frankly i want to save these plants and POSSIBLY get a friggin strawberry...ok pic time. these are on my photobucket, same username.

please note that i think i have 2 different issues, the yellow fungus thing and then red spots which can be seen in the last pic

straw 1

straw 2

straw 3

straw 4

straw 5

straw 6

straw 7

straw 8

straw 9

any and all advice is welcome...

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forgot to say thanks and happy gardening!

(omg that took forever i need more coffee)

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lol i forgot to ask if anybody knows what is wrong with my plants, and what would they do.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's what every strawberry plant I've seen has looked like ;-)


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Watch your watering carefully. It's easy to over water the type of soil you appear to be using, and there's not much room for error. The plants look fine... there will be blemished leaves when you grow plants outside... it's not something that can be helped.

As long as you have healthy new growth, which you do, everything should be relatively fine. Just watch the watering so you're not overdoing it.

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This is my first year to try gardening, and I had a very similar problem! Except, in addition to the issues you listed, my leaves were growing in with black tips. It didn't look healthy, so I replaced the plant today, but I'd still love to know what was going on!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yes, watch the watering. The plants look good to me. Strawberries grow wild like weeds around here, and we are also growing some in our garden. It would take a lot of work to kill them.

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Mine look like that, but worse! I'm pretty sure mine are due to too little water (they're in a spot that I give little attention to, in fast-draining soil), but they are still growing and producing. I've decided I don't like them in strawberry pots though, and will likely be planting some in the ground this year.

Good luck!

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