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misterpatrick(4)April 12, 2012

Hello all,

we have a new house with some existing low-volatge wired lights around the yard and on the deck. I believe they are halogen. I am looking to extent this system and was wondering what some options might be. What I'm most curious about is matching light color. For example, we have a small woods and I'd like to run a couple lights down the path. While wiring would be an option, I'm interested in cordless solar solutions. Unfortunately, all the solar LED lights I've seen are the hideous bright white and I'm looking something in a warm white between 2700-3500K. Anyone know of such a beastie?

Also, what are good sources for quality lights that won't break the bank. I've found both ends of the spectrum from fixtures that run around $400 a piece to the, most certainly awful, cheap sets on Amazon. Just looking for some tips and pointers as well as what resources (blogs, reviews etc) that are out there. Thanks!

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It's the nature of outdoor lighting that quality lights are expensive. It's getting very hard (or impossible) to find low voltage lights on the local level that are not LED and I hear you on that color issue. Is 110v an option?

You might explore this company. They make a variety of residential lights and I know some are halogen.:

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I know when we get to building I will be using led solar vs low voltage because a good low voltage transrmer can run around 400 and would probably need to be replaced every 30-40 years while I think new led last 20 or so and would be moveable.

I am considering these because I could get 6 for 200 to light up the front.

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What is that link again Yardvaark?

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