Front yard landscaping help.

BenaornApril 26, 2012

I really need some help with my front yard landscaping. The first attempt wasn't successful as seem in the picture. Everything can go except the big tree. I want some color in the spring, summer, and fall, but I don't want everything to be dead in the winter so maybe some evergreen. I will be replacing all the rocks with mulch and move the rocks maybe to the side of the house. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

I am planting to have a japanese maple right where the compost is now.

I am planning to get rid of the shrub.

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Nice plant a japanese maple.

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Some posters are waiting,I try to answer quickly.

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Glad to hear you are moving rocks away. Those, the edging, and the blocks around the tree look like leftovers of some sort cluttering the yard. And none of them are necessary.

I'd be thinking about how wide you want the spread on the multiple trunks of the main tree. (Tell us what kind of tree it is if you know.) Knowing that with growth, the trunks will become heavier and splay further outward, I'd be asking myself, "When this is fully grown, how wide do I want it?" In my opinion, it's already too wide if it's to be a major tree. The time to worry and do something about it is now while the tree is in it's formative years and the task is easy. It will become difficult when all those trunks are 8" or 10" in diameter. You should not worry at all about the foliage canopy. This will establish itself based mainly on genetics. (If you trimmed the tree to a single trunk--I'm not suggesting you do that--the canopy would still form itself into roughly the same size and shape as it would do if left as a multi-trunk. I've outlined (in first pic.) for you what I think is a better silhouette for the size that this tree looks like it will become. Remember, those trunks will splay a little wider, too.

Were the narrow side yard mine, I'd prefer it not to be grass. Mulch, groundcover, or a combination of that and shrubs seem like it would look better and be easier maintenance. This is not about specific plant types, but is about form and layout... at the front, I'd connect the foundation planting area with the lot line hedge by a long, smooth curve. This would divide the grass and the landscape beds. If you placed the existing tree in it's own island of groundcover, and did the same with a new, very small (12'-15' ht.) flowering tree near the mailbox, you could reduce the amount of grass to roughly half of what it is now. This would make it seem easier to care for and inspire you to make it perfect... which, of course, will make everything else look better.

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