Holly Berries

taras49(6)April 12, 2012

We are considering planting a "Jim Dandy Holly Shrub" along our walkway. Our concern is for the berries. Will the berries fall off onto my sidewalk and become a "clean up" problem?

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You'll need a pollinator for berry production; the sexes are on separate plants. Birds would probably eat any berries, perhaps then you'd get bird droppings. I've read berries will stain porous material like concrete, etc. - just plant any bushes back far enough so anything drops on the ground and not your walkway.

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I don't have the option of planting away from the walkway, but I'm only planting one bush, would that mean I wouldn't get those little red berries?

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Hollies have male and female plants, with only the females producing berries. Female plants must be pollinated by male plants that bloom at the same time.

HOWEVER...Jim Dandy is a male clone plant that is useful for pollinating other hollies so the Jim Dandy might not be the best choice for you.

This is where I get "lost" since trying to grow hollies here would be zone pushing. Best you should look up different holly varieties and what would be required to have only one specimen in your yard produce berries.

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Thank you, we have other options that we'll pursue.

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