Rooting runners from a strawberry plant in hanging basket

organic_wonderfulJune 18, 2011

Not sure if I asked this and forgot about the question, but I really think not I have a bad memory compounded by insomna bouts.

But anyway, I have quite a few beloved stawberry plants that look lovely in hanging baskets in my greenhouse and I was thinking of trying to root some of the many small potential plantlets in the form of thost strawberry runners. The issue is that a hanging basket is high up and the rooting could be hard. Is my only option to remove the hangingn basket from their hooks inside the greenhouse and to lay them on the ground so that they can be lightly clamped down onto pots filled with multipurpose compost and encouraged to root into the medium? Or can I surround the strawberry runner bases with moist sphagnum moss (the green stuff for hanging baskets) and wrap with perforations in the clingfilm to create a humid atmosphere within to facilitate gas exchange? And once opened, when there appears to be root formation, sever the 'umbilical' cord to the plantlet and plant in a pot of multipurpose compost until it roots through and forms a new plant?

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Thanks for posting this, organic_wonderful! I've been wondering the same thing.

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I have my strawberries in hanging pots too and was trying to figure out a way to plant the runners. They're not quite long enough to stretch from one pot to another so I finally came up with a truly redneck solution. I filled some small Jiffy pots with soil and hung those from the big pot with some yarn. That way I could adjust the height exactly right. I used wire ties to pin the runner to the soil in the jiffy pot. Even outside in the wind and all, it was sturdy enough to hold everything together for about a week which was all the babies needed to take root. I then snipped everything and planted those jiffy pots in a big pot of their own. So far so good...I've got 5 daughter plants growing nicely now (I lost one) even had a bloom today but I pinched it off.

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jajm4(z5 w. mass, usa)

btbarbara, that is a great idea!

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stropharia(8b louisiana)

I happened across this video the other day that you may find useful. It's very similar to what btbarbara described.

And here is a followup video showing the result.

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Yay! I did something right! lol The only question I have is that he said he leaves them attached to the mother plant for several weeks. After 2-3 days, I had tiny little roots starting like what he showed in the first video. After about a week, I was able to tug on the little plants and they stayed put so I went ahead and separated them. By then, the jiffy pot was starting to fall apart some. I peeled away the jiffy pot from one and the roots went all throughout and like I said, the daughter plants seem to be doing fine but is it better to leave them attached longer?

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stropharia(8b louisiana)

I have never done this, but I imagine your plants will be fine. Only one way to find out now! ;-)

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