Need help with shade and privacy trees along fence!

chadalacApril 15, 2010

Hi i'm pretty new to all this stuff about landscaping, so i pretty much no nothing since i'm a new home owner. I wanted to put up some trees for privacy as well as shade since my yard faces south west. I live in northern utah and was wondering what would be a good type of tree to plant along the backyard fence to give me some privacy from my really close neighbors and maybe some shade in the summer? should do combination of trees? how many trees? also whether i should put them along the back fence or other locations? any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!






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zzini(Sunset 13)

What zone are you in? I know Northern Utah - but what are your summers and winters like? soil? rain?

also, the neighbor houses seem pretty close, I'd definitely want something to block at least part of those 2 story homes but are there HOA restrictions on tree height? Color?

finally, what are the dimensions of your yard? Do you intend to leave all the grass or are you planning on adding some flower/plant beds? Is the concrete in the front part of the picture a patio? Is it covered or are you going to add a deck there?

I realize I didn't answer one single question! :-) But we need a little more information before we can give any meaningful input. . .

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zzini(Sunset 13)

Also, the latest edition of Outdoor Ideas & Solutions (a ridiculously expensive magazine put out by Fine Gardening $7.99) has an article about adding privacy with some photos of nice privacy solutions. Maybe you can find it at the library?

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Hey sorry took so long to get back. I'm actually in zone 5 we do get snow in the winter over here. the soil is kind of compact with rocks 6" down and mixture of clay. it rains mostly in the spring time with little snow. I live in an area where there is no HOA so that wouldn't be a big problem on the tree size. was thinking of a tree that could be around 20ft high or so just something to get some shade and block neighbor view. color doesn't really matter possibly something low maintenance. the yard is about 61ft side to side and from the patio to the fence its about 30ft. I was planning on just putting the trees in and deciding if i wanna just put planters around them or just maybe killing off the grass back by the fence and putting something in, not really sure yet. might expand my patio in the future but nothing in the work, no deck or covering. Thanks everyone for the help!

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