Savannah Holly or 'Bright and Tight' Cherry Laurel or...

ATL_DaveApril 14, 2011

In the corner of my yard, it is necessary to put something that will reach at least 10 ft high, to screen off a neighbors window that has a birdseye view of our patio, and makes my girlfriend not want to be on the patio. The area is a tiny bit cramped, so I can't have a tree with widely spreading limbs. I don't believe there is any time of day when this location gets direct light. Its not dark, but not direct. Sort of dappled I guess. I am trying to stick with natives...or nearly natives. The two I am considering are Savannah Holly and the "Bright and Tight" cultivar of Cherry Laurel. My concern is that with limited light, the foliage might be a bit sparse to truly screen the area. Has anyone had any relevant experience with these plants.



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Dave, both trees will grow in the dappled shade you describe. However, Cherry laurel has a denser growth pattern and does develop a bit faster than the holly. Suggest you post your question on the Tree Forum for further opinions from that that group of experts.

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IRuehl(8b-9a, Savannah GA)

Have you thought about growing a wall of bamboo?

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I tried to grow a Savannah Holly in a shaded corner some years ago. Paid $95 for that sucker. It got a good two hours of direct afternoon sun, but that just wasn't enough. It got so leggy I had to put it down. I subsequently tried an auralia there, but it melted in that afternoon sun. Photinia does quite well there, though. Life is full of compromises.

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