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TheSCApril 14, 2014

This being our first house and complete noobies, we are not the green thumb masters nor have landscape ideas. What can you guys come up with that would be ascetically pleasing, relatively low maintenance, and low budget? Located in North AL zone 7.

I've been debating, but can't decide, if something that used the main bed and came out into the yard encompassing/hiding the sewage covers would look okay, if it would be better off to have to separate areas. One in the main bed and one in the yard.

Here are a couple pictures of the area, yes I know we have to redo the grass as well.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Congratulations on being new home owners!

Which direction does the house face?

Could you show a photo of the entire house, as well as the yard from property line to property line, taken from across the street?

How often do the sewage covers have to be accessed? Is there a zone where shrubs and/or trees should not be planted, and if so, how far from the covers?

I realize the budget may not run to this, but most people prefer a wider walkway: yours looks only 30" -- perhaps 36". Have you thought about widening it? (The usual example being when your elderly -- and tottery -- relatives visit at Christmas and two people must walk abreast on that walkway -- especially in case of ice.)

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Agree with widening the walk comment. It would look much better.

I'd forget about trying to hide the covers with plantings. If you had good looking grass, they would virtually disappear. Good grass would help everything.

Seems like you could use a small tree (crape myrtle size) to the right of the porch, and some planting along the r side of the house so things didn't look so exposed.

I'd get rid of grass between the walk and house and just have groundcover there ... something low. And a couple low shrubs below the window. Something that would stay below the height of the window sill.

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