Repotting: is hight humidity a problem?

rina_June 10, 2012

Sorry for cross-posting (I asked same question on house plants forum too):

I am wondering if high humidex would cause a problem when repotting...

Being 'first time bare-rooter', I am sure it will take me considerably longer. Humidex for today is 36deg.C - approx. 97F. There is also high level of smog.

I am eager to start but my inexperience will probably stress the tree a lot-don't want to increase chance of killing it.

Anybody experienced: is it OK to start "The Job"?



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What sort of plant are we talking about?

What's humidex?

Generally speaking high humidity should be helpful rather than the reverse, but ~100 *F is not good. Unless this is a houseplant that will "chill out" inside over the summer, I think you'd be better off waiting until fall or early next spring.

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thank you. Humidex is 'only' about 97, but actually it is still nice in the shade. It is ficus benjamina, Al answered on House plants forum.
I decided to do it - slowly getting there...OMG, what a job! roots everywhere, every which way (but right?!)
Thanks again, I appreciate any input.
And again,I appologize for cross-posting...I guess I am too eager!

BTW, I follow up on your posts too, trying to learn.


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