shepherds hook leaning to one side

erinb007(New Albany, OH)June 12, 2005

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me here. Every year I get these huge, beautiful baskets that never hang right on my shepherds hook. I get the hook that has one on each side thinking it will balance never works..the hook always is lopsided...does anyone have any ideas for small hanging weights that I would put on one side to balance or any other ideas???

Signed, Lopsided in Chicago....

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plantsnipper(Z10 SO CA)

You could try putting a rock in your flower pot either under the soil or ontop if it cannot be seen. You could put cinder blocks on the bottom where it sticks into the ground. That way it would give it more support to stay in the ground and not lean.

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You could wedge a rock or brick against the leaning side to straighten it out. Or put a flat cement stepping stone on each side to maintain the balance. Did you try reversing the pots on the hooks in case one is heavier than the other? Are the hooks both at the top of the pole? Sometimes one is high and the other is lower and that can add to the un-balancing act that they do.

I have also seen people (who have very soft soil) bury a wood stake or post in the ground so it is 3-6" out of the ground. Then when they are ready to mount their sheperds hook they drive it into the ground in front of the post and anchor it to the post by screwing metal pipe clamps over the hook and into the post. Hope that wasn't too confusing.

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erinb007(New Albany, OH)

Well, the rock idea is a great one and simple!!! I will try it. Thanks

I have tried wedging the brick, no can do. Yes, the hooks are at the same level.

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