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tropicofcancer(6b)June 1, 2012

We have all struggled to find the Pine Bark fines and so I thought I will share with a discovery at Home Depot. They are selling pine bark mulch with the name "Golden Trophy". It is written in orange and has a number on the side - 302. They are 2 cu ft at about $3.50 or so.

Now here is the bad news: It seems there are different batches of this stuff. One pallet may have really chunky stuff with less than 20% usable stuff. But some other batch may have more than 80-90% usable stuff. It is easy to just feel the bag and differentiate. I just sifted 6 bags of this and it is pretty good. The real fine stuff is pretty close to the desired proportion - at least in this set of bags.

So all those looking for PBF check out HD. Just stay out of the one I go to in Pittsburgh. That is all mine :)

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I'm sure this has been answered before... But what particle size is best? I thought the siftin was to remove particles that were too small not too big...can anyone clarify what the pbf should look like? Maybe a picture would help. Thanks!

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Hi Dandy, I do not have a picture handy but if you look around in this forum you will find plenty of examples. Look for post by tapla.

Sifting is needed to take out both the large and small pieces of the mix. It is not an exact science but you need to take out the part larger than 3/8 inch or so. And anything less than 1/8 inch is too small but a bit of that is good just not a whole lot of that size. So you need to sift that out so that you can control the proportion of the small sizes in relation to the rest. That is what 5-1-1 mix aims for.

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