will my english ivy survive winter in a pot?

dkgarberJune 14, 2006

Not wanting to plant this stuff in the ground (fear of it ruling my garden forever..I already have poison ivy everwhere, don't need another invasive vine!) I planted some ivy in a pot w/ a triangular trellis so I can train it to look like a tree...

Wquestion is..will this survive a New England winter in the pot? I don't really want to bring it in b/c it is toxic to cats (and I have two) and I'd love to have the greenery all winter. I know its evergreen in the ground..what about when container planted? Sure, most dont' survive, but from what I gather English Ivy is more than hardy, so I am hoping it is an exception.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I had "Goldheart" ivy, basically a yellow-green variegated small-leafed version of english ivy and was able to keep it going for several years growing out of soil in a rolled up garbage bag that I had slung between my half barrel water garden and my clematis container and I think I first put it out there ~1999. What got it was a winter when the temps hit the single digits with wind (I think in 2004) and it was growing over by the windy side of the balcony, so that didn't help either. I never tried to protect it during winter and the half barrel had heaters going in it to keep the water temp no less than ~50° F through winter (because I had fish in there), so there was some warmth radiating around them. But that winter, with the cold snap and the wind, this definitely would have needed something more to help it cope.

I think if you have a mild winter (not below 0° F and minimal single digits), you should do okay. In fact, it could be that the regular leaf english ivy can take the cold a bit better than the smaller leaf varieties when potted.

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I grew 6 English Ivies last year in 3 different pot displays. In fall put them all in 1 pot, overwintered in unheated garage, gave them winter a couple times, set them out in the spring and they look great in a pot with red geraniums.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA


I left some ivy out in a windowbox all winter with no protection at all and it is growing great this spring.


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

shirl36 - so what else is in that picture? Looks pretty! Are those some fern with something red (ID?) under them next to the steps...?

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