Dissapearing Fountain Questions

wcoast_artistApril 22, 2014

Hi, I�m new to the Forum and have questions someone may be able to help with. I�ve posted this over in the Garden Accouterments forum, But it occurred to me I might try here as well. We are landscaping our backyard and our intention is to add a disappearing fountain as one of the features. My intent is to make one out of a glazed ceramic urn/vase. The urn we have selected is about 40" high and 20" wide at its� widest. My intention is to seal the inside with an epoxy sealer or a concrete sealer. I�m also thinking is should fill the bottom 1/4 with pebbles to help with stability.
I�d like to put this on a 36" - 48" reservoir. Is there a particular brand/model I should be looking at?
Some sites I�ve looked at suggest a 950 GPH pump for this tall of a pump. One I�ve been looking at is the Pondmaster 950 GPH Mag pump. Any thoughts comments on this are appreciated.
Should I be looking at additional filtration, other than comes with the pump. The immediate area around the fountain will be flagstone. The reservoir will be covered with black Mexican beach pebbles.
Is an auto-water level feature something I should be looking at as well, or do most people just monitor the level and add as needed.
Thanks in advance for any insights. Hopefully I�m not over thinking or over engineering this.

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I can't stress this enough: buy everything you can from your local pond and water garden retailer. You may pay a little more than if you went online, but you're paying for the expertise of someone who will help walk you through your project and select the best combination of component parts. More importantly, when something doesn't go quite how you envisioned, you can go back to the store and they can help you fix it. Good luck getting that from Amazon.

And for the love of god please don't spend 90 minutes pumping your local shop for info and then buy online.

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Thanks for the follow-up, I always try to buy local. When they have what I need. Looking in a 100 mile radius, IâÂÂve come up with two places that do a lot of this. One I like. However, they are out of the size reservoir IâÂÂm looking for, and the pumps they have donâÂÂt appear to be up to what I want to do. The other may have the reservoir, but they are high pressure, like everyone is on commission. They may have the reservoir I need and I may end up getting it from them regardless. The pond/water feature places in the area are just that. Highly focused on ponds, with an emphasis on Koi. Fountains, especially making them, just isnâÂÂt something that they have lot of experience in.

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