Granite chips for Al's gritty mix?

Calzoner(9b)June 27, 2013

Greetings fellow growers,

Long time gardener, first time poster. Working on collecting my ingredients for 5-1-1 and 1-1-1. I just moved to FL and the wife and I bought our first house. We are finding ourselves doing alot of container gardening inside and out. We plan on using the 5-1-1 mix for annuals, citrus and vegetables and looking to use the 1-1-1 gritty mix for my succulent collection and various house plants (pothos, ferns, hoyas, etc)

I have all my ingredients for the 5-1-1 and have secured everything for the gritty mix minus the granite chips. I found a landscaping company locally that sells "granite fines" for .10/lb (scoop your own and go). Description says 3/8" minus which seems a bit big obviously but i suppose i need to screen regardless. Here is a pic, what do you guys think? The picture seems like more fines than 3/8" particles but who knows until I go check it out. Also, tons of feed stores locally in my area but no one carries Gran-i-grit..

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

"...tons of feed stores locally in my area but no one carries Gran-i-grit." Hummm, how about poultry grit?
That granite in the photo looks a little fine. Crushed granite is also known as poultry grit, and a company called Manna Pro makes it. I got mine from a local Tractor Supply Company store.

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Perfect, thanks for the response. TSC in my town acutally sells the Manna Pro chicken grit that i think will work well. Going to go that route instead of the other in favor or more consistent size. 8.99 for a 25lb bag is not bad at all!

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C...keep us posted on that grit. Do not get the chick grit for sure. I found my crushed granite at a roofing supply here in SoCal. It makes the mix heavy!

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i found some nice granite at a fish supplies shop perfect size and shape, about 50 cents a pound. might be worth a look if you get stuck..


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you do not want round/smooth rocks. that is why we used crushed granite. jagged and broken edges for the plant to draw in moisture and nutrients that are perched/trapped there.

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yep crushed granite it is fireduck its perfect size and plenty of sharp edges i use it in my rock tumbler as well for polishing jewelry etc...need those sharp edges for that as well, was just throwing it out there for anyone who may Be stuck for places to look :) so yes don't get the smooth rocks , look for the ugly white stuff :)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

In The Manna Pro Brand.. you want the Poulty grit..

Good Luck..

I have the Gran-i- grit locally and it is sold in three sizes you want the "growers size" 100 percent crushed Granite stay away from anything with crushed oyster shells in it!!

Cherrystone is crushed Quartzite and you want the # 2 size.

Local feed and seed store have this available..

Try Tractor Supply Stores
Southern States Feed and Seed stores too

Mom and Pop Feed and Seed stores can always order as well..

Hope this helps!!


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