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jem199April 27, 2011

Anyone want to help? I don�t have the time to savor the moment, thought I wish I could. I was looking forward to this project. Now, it just needs to be done.

I live in WNY (14718). The deer killed my fugly 1970�s bushes. I wasn�t really ready to replace them, though that�s been in the plan. My house faces North. I�ve uploaded photos of the north/front and west side of the house. On the west side, there are no gutters. We get sheets of snow that drop there in the late winter. I�m thinking of just some kind of ground cover, hosta, or tall grasses there. I need deer resistant plants and would like it as low maintenance as possible.

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Wow. Clearly you don't want to help. I *DID* peruse this forum and saw lots of design ides given by people who clearly like to design. If you don't want to help, maybe it's best not to say anything. Ya know? That was pretty rude.

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karinl(BC Z8)

OK, I can't resist; forgive me, but a gremlin if forcing me to pose the question:

Would you like fries with that?

I think if you spend a little time perusing this forum you'll get a better idea of the kinds of discussions we like to have here, and what help people can and cannot expect. Landscape design on command is not on the menu; we are not garden bots.

You may also find discussions of the best way to landscape and layout properties similar to yours in something other than cookie-cutter, builder-driven format.

If all you want is replacement plants, the best place to go is your local nursery, photo (and credit card) in hand perhaps.

Finally, I don't see the urgency. Dead plants fill space just like live ones, and come to think of it, are the ultimate in deerproof, aren't they? So if you are wanting to savor the moment and enjoy the project, why not wait until you can, indeed, do that?


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I feel your pain - deer wise. Our large herds are so urbanized they look both ways before crossing the streets. The annual in-city bow hunts take out between 6 and 700 a year, but they never seem to get the ones who eat their way through my yard.

However, it's not so easy to simply ask at good local garden establishments - very knowledgeable staff shake their heads and admit anything growing is fair game depending on the severity of winters and availability of natural food and how quickly deer "remember" and establish a path to your yard. It is also easy for those who do not have deer problems to recommend throwing good money after bad in the hopes of eventually fooling nature.

Reliably deer resistant in my yard which does not lend itself to fencing - ninebark, spirea, potentilla, alpine currant, spruce of all sorts, mugos, Northern Lights Azaleas, lilacs, crabapples, common snowball viburnum, ostrich ferns, nepeta, bleeding heart. Someone else's mileage may vary.

It's work every fall, but I burlap wrap the arborvitaes worth saving to about the 8'mark. Ugly, sure, but so is replacing them. I leave bird netting on my yew hedge now that it has regenerated it's previous deer damage. Can't see the netting but when a deer nose hits it, interest is lost pretty fast.

I don't design, but if I thought about what you're facing and eventually did rip out what's there - I wouldn't replace it. Probably paint or stain the foundation the color of the house and pull any planting away from the house itself. You've got plenty of yard for a conifer island which could also accommodate some blooming deciduous shrubs, and a scattering of anything but tulips spring bulbs.

The bottom line to a nice landscape is - nothing's easy, nothing's inexpensive, and nothing's without a degree of precaution taking and maintenance.

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