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Julia NY(6)April 22, 2010

I've done a search of the forum but haven't been able to find any posts.

Has anyone come across software which can design a patio layout based on the size of the area, the size of the 2 stone sizes we plan to use to create a random pattern?

So as an example: We have an area which is 14 ft x 24 ft. We have thought to use 2 different sizes of a patio paver in the design which are 16 inches x 16 inches and 16 inches x 24 inches.

I was hoping to be able to visualize what the finished design would look like before buying.

I know we can calculate how many to buy, but want to get a visual picture of the different layouts we could use.



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I have seen tesselation calculators, but they tell you what size will fit - not the other way around.

Make a bunch of scale models of the tiles in a graphics software - or powerpoint - and start messing with them.

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Many suppliers have a series of patterns laid out pictorial in scale for you including random patterns for their paver dimensions. They also have different thicknesses depending on your expected loading (ex. driveways instead of patios).

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I'm still looking for one. I am going to just cut out 1/12 scale bricks on construction paper

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Is the area you wish to visualize a regular or irregular polygon shape? Have you considered It's a pretty helpful tool that calculates the area of any irregular shape you draw.

It has an image / map tracing function too, so if your patio can be seen from Google Maps you could trace it in SketchAndCalc to arrive at the area and perimeter.

Maybe try this:
1. Make a sample configuration of stones on the floor.
2. Take an overhead photo of the pattern.
3. Import the photo into a graphics package to scale and position, or simply print out many copies and position on the floor to get feel for the best configuration.

Here is a link that might be useful: SketchAndCalc - The Area of Irregular Shapes you Draw

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