Sicilian Eggplant

uncle_t(Z6 Ontario CAN)March 19, 2013

Greetings eggplant lovers!

Normally I grow the slender Asian eggplants. This year, however, my brother-in-law came home with a package of Sicilian eggplant seeds. Has anyone grown both Sicilian and Asian eggplant? If so, what's your take concerning the two? For I don't want to plant too many of the Sicilian's, unless they can match the quality and prolific nature of the Asian eggplants.

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The Asian eggplants will produce much more than Sicilians. Having said that though it seems to me that all eggplants I've grown produce plenty with the exception of udumalapet. Maybe though I've just had bad luck with those.

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uncle_t(Z6 Ontario CAN)

Thank you for your advice, gjcore. I'll stay with the Asian angel that I know, and allocate some Sicilian space for a comparison.


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I love to grow eggplants and I love more eating them. I lov them fat an plumb because I cut and fry it, boil it and add vinegar and lemon juice and diced red pepper. I pickle it too. My woman like the long skinny ones she peels the inside and stuff it with rice and ground beef. I plant the black beauty and few trees of whatsmacall it to produce the long skinny ones for stuffing. When this thing works it over produce and the trees grow huge I had to put stakes for support. Last season I had 25 huge trees and now I just ate some pickled ones from a jar.

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Sicilian are big and plump, good for eggplant parm, grilled, fried plain, sauteed in pasta and roasted. If picked early enough the skin is usually tender, except when roasting. Asian are smaller, ideal for dicing up in pasta and other vegetable dishes, good on cabobs on grill, and sauteed in scrambled eggs or omlets since there smaller. Both could used interchangably though. Asianhave less seeds so better for people who cant digest too many seeds cause its less to take out. In the past I found I got a larger abundant of sicilian. Sicilan coukd be very seedy for people with
some digestive problems.

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