Completed Patio (Almost)

movinginva(Zone 7)April 8, 2012

Hello All, Thought I'd start a new thread for this. Here are the pictures of the almost completed patio. I still have to do some more cleaning up, extend the flower bed just a bit, add some flowers and shrubbery as well as edging to the flower bed, and add the bench in the far left leg of the patio where you see the makeshift bench. I will be adding some plants (climbing vines to the ones closest to the stairs) to the empty pots that are there now.

Opinions, thoughts, criticism - hopefully constructive :-)) appreciated.

Thanks for all of your help! I will definitely keep you guys posted as changes and improvements are made.



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I believe that the "improvements" many homeowners make--especially outdoors--are really just destructive efforts... something that the next owners will rip out. But here, what you've done is simple, functional, attractive and completely non-offensive. I could see "new owners" adapting it to their use in any number of ways, but not ever getting rid of it. If I lived there, I'd prefer some planting space between the house and the patio, but I don't live there and if it suits your needs, I'm thrilled! I'm very happy for you about the level, smooth quality of the execution. This is where many homeowners fail. You did a nice job! It'll be a lovely place to read the paper and drink coffee. Especially, once you get those plantings in. Congratulations! (And thanks for posting the update pictures.)

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I posted some idea's pics.I still prefer curve and nature than bench.

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Straight should have more nature if you use it.

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What a lot of work you've done in just a short time. Well done and take a break on your new patio.
Just remember though - no red speedos!

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karinl(BC Z8)

It looks really good. The colour actually works really well with the house brick since the patio colour is so much more uniform.

Might be best to backfill to the end of it pretty soon, or do whatever you have in mind there, so the sand doesn't start creeping away.

It's just so well done, and the size looks just right.

Karin L

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Thank you so much for posting your after pictures! That was a huge undertaking to do all by yourself!

You did a really great job. I can't wait to see the plants you put in and how they look once its all done.

It really looks like it was supposed to be there all along.

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movinginva(Zone 7)

Thank you all so much for the kind words. I sat out there yesterday evening and it is lovely. It is very well shaded in the afternoon to evening, which is when I will use it the most during the summer, and in the mornings on weekends. I was worried about privacy, but there is quite a bit of privacy even without the trees planted. The area near the stairs which I thought would feel odd and thought that I would have to cover up with vines, actually feels surprisingly cozy the way it is. I will still get vines, but I will probably just have it climb the main pole that supports the roof.

I went to the store yesterday to try and pick out some plants, but came home empty handed. I may try again today. I have been going between a Japanese Maple and an evergreen like a pine for the area behind the proposed bench where the black flowerpot now sits. I also want to plan well and have a good mix of plants (preferably perennials) so that I have greenery and flowers throughout the year; or at the very least, spring through fall.

Designonline6, I had to keep the patio simple since it was a DIY project. I am using gentle curves for the planting beds around the patio. Now that the patio itself is done, and I have been able to sit out there, I do agree with you in that a bench may not be the best idea. I am thinking of doing a lounge chair or two instead.

Karin L, the area is now backfilled.

Adriennemb, I was thinking neon pink. Would that be a better color? LOL

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