Need to identify this pant.

eugeneb4(7)June 10, 2014

I planted a few marigolds in my planter with my peppers to maybe attract bees or other pollinators. I'm thinking this is not a marigold. The leaves are different and the spines are crazy wild. The leaves are like an oak tree.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Definitely not a marigold. Looks kind of like something from the Nightshade family, but I really don't know. Possibly a weed. Is it growing really fast? I'm sure someone will identify it for you.

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Its growing at the same rate as my marigolds. That's why I actually let it grow. I plant 4 diff species of marigold and thought it was one different ones.

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Looks like Solanum rostratum, or "buffalo bur", and is quite invasive.


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Thanks Joe! That's exactly what that looks like!

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