what to do with this roma plant

tnkrerJune 8, 2012

first time gardener .. so some (probably simple/obvious) questions.

I planted this roma tomato in my container two weeks ago and it looked like this,

now it looks like this. I will be adding reinforced concrete wire cage this weekend (supported by the pvc arches)

howelbama had suggested single-stemming. Still need to read/view videos on how to achieve it. Can I single stem it at this point or is it too late?

Also, should it have so many leaves? The cherry tomato next to it doesn't seem as happy. (grow media is 3-2-1 raybo mix. fert strip is as prescribed in raybo's document and I have used tomato-tone

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wheres your fert strip located in the container?

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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

I'm growing roma and cherry tomatoes too. I've noticed the roma's are really getting nice and thick and bushy, while my cherry is still kind of spindly. Don't quote me on this (I'm no expert, that's for sure), but even though they're planted at the same time, the cherry must take longer to settle in and get growing. I have a couple that I started earlier that are doing quite well. Just be patient, it'll go nuts eventually.
Anyway, good luck and let us know how it goes
But if you don't want your roma to be so bushy, be sure to pinch off suckers (that grow between the main stem and leaves) before they get too big.

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Thanks Peg. cherry tomato went in one week after roma, so it has had less time in the big container.
terrybull, the fert strip is exactly in the middle of roma and cherry tomato in this picture (you cant really see the main stalk of roma there anymore) and is a foot long and contains two cups of tomato-tone. Also the top two inches of the grow media has 1 cup of plant-tone (spread over those 12 sq ft)

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liked this video for single stemming method
youtube link
Instead of cage, may be I will create a trellis like that guy has

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Tnkrer, check the tag for your Roma if you still have it. There are different varieties, some are determinate, some indeterminate. If determinate, don't do the single stemming. It looks like it may be determinate as it is growing quite bushy, though there are some indeterminate varieties called ISI(indeterminate short internode) which means it will still grow vine like, but with less vertical space between the branch nodes. This makes for a shorter, stockier pant. You also don't really want to single stem ISI varieties.

You may just want to allow the Roma to have that back quadrant of the planter to itself and let it do it's thing.

You could single stem the cherry one and secure it to your arch as it grows creating a tomato arch lol, might look kinda neat. You can probably squeeze a couple more herbs in there if you want.

Not sure if you know, but you can actually plant your toms pretty deep when transplanting them. You just prune the branches off the main stem and bury it. It will develop roots along the buried stem and create a really strong root system. I bury my toms to within 4 or 5 inches of the top when I transplant them in to the garden. It takes a week or two for the roots to develop, but once they do, the plants take off. Just don't try this with other plants as most won't develop roots along the buried stem like toms do and would just rot.

Good luck, and keep us updated.

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Interesting info on ISI, hadn't heard this before.

Fabulous planting box, quite a first time growers project.
The leaves on your plants do look a little yellowish, meaning they might not be getting enough fertilizer. I'd add some liquid fertilizer (in addition to the fert strip) until they green up.

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