WANTED: Citronella, tea tree, and other insect repelling plants

throughtheforest(8/9b)June 19, 2013

Hi gardeners!

I'm working on a new little garden-scape around the porch where my dog hangs out. We don't have much of a mosquito problem around here but the flies are enough to drive you mad! So basically, I'm looking for anything I can plant that would help to keep the flies away. From what I've read any of the following could help:

Tea Tree

I have a pretty long list of seeds up for trade and a few plants- so if you have any of the above mentioned seeds or plants (or any others good for repelling flies) take look and let's trade!

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I have plenty of mints I can trade ya for your lemon grass and straight 8 cucumber seeds.And I can cut you a piece of my citronella plant

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Hi there,
I'd be happy to take that trade :) I noticed you also have maypop cuttings on your trade list. Is there anything else from my list that you might want in exchange for that as well? Feel free to pick several varieties- I know postage can be a bit more with cuttings. Either way, email me your address and we'll trade something or other!

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I have citronella geraniums that I would be willing to trade cuttings for a succulent type cutting. Let me know, thanks!

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