self-watering containers and PVC

molamola77June 18, 2011

I made 3 self watering containers out of plastic storage bins recently. I followed the instructions in Smith's "Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible". For the bottom spacers and wicking spacers I used PVC pipe I bought at the hardware store. Due to possible health concerns with the use of PVC in plumbing systems, should I consider the peppers, tomatoes, and carrots I am growing unsafe to eat?

Many thanks.

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molamola77, where can I find more info on this possible health hazard? First I've heard of read of it. Thanks.

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See this website for information about PVC and health risks.

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Matt_Tampa(9a/9b Tampa FL)

Wikipedia has pretty good information on the various types of plastics and possible health risks associated with them. They all have their potential issues, but I believe PVC leaches chemicals at a greater rate than most of the other types, and that it is made with phthalates, which is one component of plastics that has recently come under scrutiny. Everything to do with plastics and health is highly controversial, of course, so it's pretty hard to get to the bottom of it, but I'd say that if you're concerned about it, you'd probably be a little safer going with something like a PE or PET instead of PVC, or I guess with a metal like copper or steel (not aluminum) you'd have even less to worry about.

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