Design help please!!

mj05April 18, 2010

Is anybody willing to help me to design or redesign to be exact my garden? I interviewed few "locals" but they were more interested in presenting "fee schedule" and "payment options" than listening to my ideas.....

And yes, I do understand nothing is free in current world :)

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Hi, mj05. Welcome to GW and the LD forum.

All the advice here is free!

Have you looked at some of the threads? They'll give you an idea of the type of help you'll get on this forum. Of course, every thread is different. Some get more attention than others -- and that's often related to the information provided by the OP.

First you'll need to post an explanation of what you want -- and photos. Not much can be done without photos when a person is looking for the type of information you seem in search of. [But people also ask narrower questions for which photos aren't required: for example, jtruax3's hedge post or elaine_mi's stamped concrete thread.] A diagram of the area in question would also be helpful, if you have or can produce one; sometimes a diagram may be better than photos.

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1 - Explain EXACTLY where you are so the plant choices make sense
2 - Explain EXACTLY what your goals are ... how much work can/will you do yourself, how much do you like gardening, what activities do you want to do in it.
3 - If you post pictures, please include dimensions.

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Lazygardens: could you please check out my other post in this forum? It has all the explanation and the pictures. Thank you!

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

mj05--we can't check out your other post unless you tell us the titles...or, even better, link to it.

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mj05--you're kidding, right?

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Sometimes something in me makes me assume the role of "momma's little helper..." :-) mj05 was "Calling all creative minds". Bumping up the original post rather than starting a new one would have been a better idea.

FWIW, I couldn't get the PIX to focus when trying to enlarge, but from the little picture - all I could see was a dark corner...

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