Beets in Containers??

lesleyannJune 2, 2008

Just wondering if anyone has had any success with beets in Containers?? I got lots of not-quite-5-gallon buckets from work and started most of my garden in them and then transplanted to the ground. My soil is very rocky and i didn't work all the rocks out... that would take two I know that carrots and beets need rock free soil to grow, so I decided to leave them in buckets... anyone had any luck with these before??

Thanks and Happy Gardening!

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I haven't grown beets in containers yet, but I've successfully grown radishes, and in a lot more shallow space than a bucket. Everything I've read says that beets do fine in containers. If flower bulbs are grown in containers, why not "bulbed" veggies?

The link is to a commercial site; I've never ordered from them, but they have a LOT of free info that I've found useful. Googling "beets containers" gets a whole lot more.

I have very limited garden space myself (about 70 sq. ft.) and am planning to use a lot of buckets myself this year. Maybe we can continue to compare notes. :)

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the link... it had some good info, but I have noticed the Cornell site it refers to is down. Oh well. I think I have some HEAVY thinning to do if I want beets and not just baby beet greens, because I didn't know that one seed was actually many seeds.... oops. Never tried growing beets before because never realized I liked 'em till last year!
I have a large amount of space in my garden, I sit on about 3/4 acre and my kind landlord tilled up a runway for me (12'x40'.... and thats just guessing) for me to plant. I think he wants homegrown 'maters this year...haha. But like I said, I was soooo happy and gung-ho about it that I didn't work it the way I know I should have, just top-dressed with some manure compost and topsoil and started putting my plants in the ground. So far, so good.... My tomato plants are already at the top of the cages and 3 are BURSTING with tomatoes, the other 9 have babies on them or are flowering, all my pepper plants are flowering or have peppers on them. My red peppers have one that is already about 7"x3". My Zucchini is going crazy.... will probably flower by next week. And much more out there doing well... Okra, Spaghetti squash, watermelon, peas, loofah...
Oops, got off topic, this is about CONTAINER gardens...haha. Well, I decided to keep one watermelon, zucchini, and a loofah plant in buckets just to see what will happen..... hey, if they get unmanageable I can carry the buckets to the closest tree for them to start climbing....Ha ha ha....
I'll keep ya posted and if I ever learn how to operate my camera, I'll post pictures.

Ta ta for now... need my daily dose of dirt!

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I grow beets in square foot SFG plots, 9 per square foot in 6 inches of soil. They did fine last year and are growing well this year. .

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