Transplanting Leyland Cypress

my3babypeachesApril 17, 2010

I have three Leyland's that need to be transplanted. I was told that it's best to wait until fall but I would really like to have them moved now. They are about 6 ft tall (1-1/2 yrs old). Do you think it would be okay to move them if I water daily?

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There is also a tree forum, which is your better bet for most questions that are narrowly focused as yours is on whether or not you will succeed in transplanting these trees at this time in your zone and conditions.

I did a quick Google checking what came up in a search for the price of Leyland cypress in Georgia. From a very rapid search, and I didn't save specifics, looks like you could replace these 3 trees for about $120. Less if you bought smaller or found a sale, which shouldn't be hard since I didn't look long.

Leyland cypresses are monsters. They are also common. Using them in the home landscape means knowing what you want from them. They grow very fast and can get very large. They are often helpful as a green screen or green fence, creating shade and/or privacy in a short amount of time. But, as one Georgia gardening newsletter put it in my brief survey, they can eat houses. That article noted the "leyland" mistake often made of planting them 2 feet from the foundation or next to a mailbox.

So, I'd weigh your odds. Odds are with some care that these trees won't mind the move at all. And, if they do, they are not that expensive to replace. With any luck you'll kill them off and can replace with something better.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I'll agree that Leylands are monsters. My neighbor to the south planted a hedge of them on his northern boundary. They're now about 40 or 50' tall.

In winter, the sun literally never hits the southern 60' or so of my yard. This year I had snow on the ground for 8 weeks solid. Luckily the driveway gets enough sun at the end of the day that ice hasn't been a major difficulty.

The worse news: if the neighbor doesn't cut them down, his Leylands may reach 130' or more. I've thought about sabotage....

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