re potting something already in the ground???

alex1990(4)June 7, 2011

I recently made a new garden bed and among the perennials I put in it there is a beautiful little purple colored salvia plant. My question is, would it be ok if I dug it back up and put it into a pot? I think it is getting too much sun were it is and it lays down unless I water it 10 times a day. I was thinking of putting into a large pot and rotating it from sun to shade a few times a day, to get just enough sun. I would hate for it to wither away.

My other question is about my lavender. I just bought a "munstead" Lavender plant and I re-potted it into a bigger pot. if I bring it inside in the winter time, would it live for more then a season? it says it is an perennial but I am in zone 4 and it is good for zone 5-9. I just love the smell of it!


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Sure it is perfectly alright to dig up your Salvia and pot it up. Try not to breakup the root ball when you dig and pot it.

In the lavenders case, they just do not like being inside for the winter. Maybe you can find a location protected from a HARD freeze but not really indoors. Lavender here, where they are perfectly happy with the weather, will live as long as you like, but we try and replace them after five years as even with annual shearing they start to get woody and ugly. Al

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Great! Thank you! I would much rather have my Salvia in a pot anyways, it is just so pretty! I will be very careful with it, I hope it will do better that way.
I Will find a place for my Lavender, my neighbor said the same thing you did, but she told me to cover it for the winter. Just dont know what to cover it with without crushing it!

Thank you for your help!

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