Office tomato - to transplant or not

Pegleg48(6a Toronto)June 6, 2012

Hi all

So, I start a lot of seedlings in my very sunny office window. They do great! then eventually go home to be transplanted.

This year I had one cherry tomato seedling that sat around a little long, so I decided to stick it in the biggest thing I had sitting around the office, which was an 8", maybe 1 gallon pot. And the thing went nuts! It's been going for at least a month, is 2' tall and now has 2 bunches of tiny tomatoes set (I just blow on the blossoms and give the plant a little shake several times a day). They appear to be growing, though the whole plant has slowed down somewhat. Two more bunches of buds are waiting in the wings.

So: should I transplant into something bigger (either to stay at work or take home to live on my deck) or would that endanger the fruit already set? Also, could it be so root-bound by now that it wouldn't do well after transplanting?

I have plenty of other plants going at home, so could just let the thing go as long as it will then let it die (though last year I had a sad tomato living in my office all winter!) I fed it some kelp meal yesterday and can bring it some fertilizer if need be.

All I know, if this thing does this well in a tiny pot in my office, the ones in big pots are going to take over once they get going!

I keep meaning to start some office lettuce as well. Last year I had peas growing in here!

Any advice welcome. I'll try to provide some photos as well.



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You should pot up asap. Also, if the root/soil mass comes out intact, you can rip off the bottom inch or two of roots, then work your fingers up into the remaining root mass from the bottom. When you transplant, you can cut off a couple of the bottom branches & plant extra deep so the lowest leaves are just above the soil.


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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

First I need more potting mix...

Will the little tomatoes on there now still ripen after it's been transplanted? or just take longer while the roots settle in again?


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