Help with privacy planting in back corner of yard

aep109April 2, 2010

My neighbors recently decided to trim all of the trees in their yard and essentially turned their maples into palm trees. Now, I have a clear view to the house behind them, which I'd like to screen.

The maples still provide some shade, so I'd call it a part shade area, sloped slightly, with decent drainage. I'd like something evergreen so that the screen will block the view into my family room in winter as well.

I'm VERY new to landscaping and have been trying to do research so I can learn, but I've realized there are far more plants/trees in this world than I'll ever know.

So far all I've come up with is Thuja, but I don't want it to look too formal. But, I need it to get fairly tall and it is along a fenceline.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to post a photo, but haven't figured out how yet.

Also open to any suggestions on how to learn all this stuff without going insane. I've read two books, but it is learning of what plants are out there that is killing me. Is there a master database that anyone recommends that shows photos? Plant names require constant googling and I'm never sure if I'm looking at a mature plant or what season, etc.


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I'm not sure how you can get the photos in the bed of the message, but here is a link to it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Back corner of yard

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Another attempt at a photo, I noticed most people use flickr, probably because it doesn't require a log in.

Sorry for my ignorance! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of back corner

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karinl(BC Z8)

Your best bet is to go to a local nursery looking for options, because there is no point in anyone making suggestions that you can't get or grow locally.

What you need to think about is what shape of plant you want and where you want to put it. Then go to a nursery (a good one, not a big box) and ask for something that will fit the bill. You may have to shop around a bit, but in spring most will have good selection.

You may find that you can achieve a lot with a medium bushy shrub or mop-headed tree placed not at the fence but closer to the area you want to screen. In particular this may apply to the window situation. Perimeter planting will have to grow in for longer because a lot more height has to be achieved by the plant before any privacy benefit occurs.

You might end up with something like a mid-yard island bed including lilacs and plants of similar height - mock orange, Hamamelis, Physocarpus Diabolo. Not sure what will be hardy for you. Tough to find evergreen material that grows like that though. But you can make the screen more obtuse by adding just a Thuja or two with other deciduous shrubs.

You may find it helpful to spin around the forum here, doing some searches for "privacy" and reading old threads.


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