Smartpot question on wilting?

emgardenerJune 15, 2012

Can users of smartpots make comments here.

Do your plants wilt during heat waves in the smartpots?

The reason for asking is that I want to have a container vegetable garden where the plants do not wilt at all, even if it is 90 degrees out in full sun.

Soil blocks always impress me in this regard, the seedlings never wilt, even in full sun all day, hot weather, and the mix is totally saturated.

So I'm wondering if maybe a larger plant in a smartpot would also not wilt?

I'm going to build my own smartpot and try it out, but wanted to hear others experience.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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I've got my tomatoes in 10 and 15 gallon smart pots. I have hadn't them wilt in the heat yet. We have had several days in the 90's so far. I water my smart pots every other day. The potting mix is 60% pro mix and 40% manure. My tomatoes in the ground will droop a bit in the heat but by morning they are fine. I hope this helps.

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Thanks augiedog!
That is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Have you noticed a difference in performance between the smartpot tomatoes and the ones in the ground?

Did you do this last year?

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EM gardener, This is my first yr for smart pots so I'm learning as i grow. I am finding I need to fertilize different than I thought. I first tried all organic(tomato tone). I found it worked until the plants got around 3 ft tall. At that point I tried a fert. recipe i found on another forum that was 13 13 13 ebsoms salts and some micronutrients. In two weeks the result were stunting. The plant with the new fertilizer mixture left the organicsn the dust. So i'm going strickly with the new mix.
As far as the ones in the ground its not a fair comparison because my in the ground tomatoes are small I type tomatoes(sungold f1 black cherry green zebra dr. carolyn pink kimberly) My container plants are my big tomatoes so I can't really compare. I hope this helps

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Thanks that helps.

you wrote "stunting", I assume you meant "stunning".

Liquid organics have worked well for me in containers. Solid organic fertilizer I've never gotten consistent results with.

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LMAO ...STUNNING is correct... good luck

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