Rev 3.3 New EarthTainer III Guide Now Available - June 23

rnewste(8b NorCal)June 23, 2011

The revised Rev 3.3 EarthTainer III Construction Guide is now available at this link:

The key addition is the option for the taller 76 inch cage from Burpee, versus the Gurney's 60 inch cage system. I've also simplified the cage mounting and removal process, as well as some other enhancements.

Four rung 32" Gurney's cage foreground; Five rung 40" Burpee base cage background

I recommend the Burpee cage over the Gurney's product as it is not only taller by 16 inches, but is made of a thicker gauge galvanized steel. The Gurney's cage is 9/64" while the Burpee cage is 10/64". While 1/64" may not sound like a lot, if you do the Math - - it is 11% thicker.

As most of my plants are growing even taller than the 76" cages, the increased strength of the Burpee model will be added comfort:

(Goose Creek foreground; Brandywine from Croatia background)


Here is a link that might be useful: Rev 3.3 EarthTainer III Guide

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May I ask what is the purpose of the two tan totes that your cages sit on? I notice there are washers on each, so you must have a dowel or something inside to keep the tote's sides from spreading? But what do you use those totes for other than raising the cages higher off the ground?

I will be showing your comparison of Gurney and Burpee to my DH, who is not accustomed to tomatos growing as tall in 5b as they do in our 8b zone. Your plants look great, BTW.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

Best thing you can do is download the EarthTainer Construction Guide at the link above. It will give you the Theory of Operation, purpose of the dual insulating totes, and everything else you wanted to know.


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