Another challenging slope problem

dave11April 7, 2012

The edge of my property is a slope running for about 100 feet in length, and dropping about 10 feet over a 15 foot run.

The top of it borders my driveway, the bottom of it ends at the neighbors line of forsythia.

I have planted two native shrubs, bayberry and nannyberry, in masses throughout the slope, but they are small, and it will be many years till they take over. The area is mostly full sun.

Problem is what to do in the meantime to try to keep out all the weeds. The area is almost too steep (and too large) to mulch, so I've been looking for something fast and spreading to cover it with. I was thinking that a native grass might work, though some get too tall. Also, this area is not far from the neighbors house, and I was worrying that rodents or other animals would take up residence there if the ground cover was too tall.

Shorter ground covers though will still need weeding, which is hard to do there.

Does anyone see a good solution?


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Hostas,rosemary,some bulbs may work.

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I don't know your resources but you can get mulch blown in.

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You don't say where you are or the light conditions of the site. If it's in sun and if this would grow there, I'd investigate Lespedeza as a possibility. It can be started by seed, it's tough and it's good looking (heaps, weeps and flowers.) You'd want to deal with weeds before planting something new.

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