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Britbear_April 9, 2014

Hi there! I've been browsing the forums (and the web) for info and ideas on landscaping. I am utterly clueless and totally overwhelmed. My husband and I are planning DIYing the install. I'm looking for something that is relatively low maintenance. I like lots of color! The area gets a lot of sun. We are getting rid of the tree in the middle of the yard and placing sod. We are also want to get rid of everything in the bed as well (witch hazel and ligustrum I think--the witch hazel would be okay to keep I guess)

Any suggestions/ideas/help would be so very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Show the whole front yard. Picture needs to be in focus.

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Oh. I am so sorry! I didn't realize the picture wasn't in focus. I will take a new picture today.

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I updated the photo at the top.

I was thinking a tree (crepe myrtle or japanese maple) in the corner area by the driveway and sidewalk. Then some sort of flowering shrubs on either side of the steps (?) and some evergreen shrubs along the back of the bed. Then some flowers in the front.

Thoughts? Ideas on what types of plants to actually use? Thanks!

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I'd place the annuals at the steps, thinking it's where you'd want the ongoing color, flowering shrubs around the bay window and groundcover as the filler. I didn't do anything about the worst problem -- the neighbor's blank wall. (Buy him a large shrub.) If it were me, I'd rather have two small trees flanking the entrance, rather than one obstructing it. Either of the trees you mention would be fine. I wouldn't let the shrubs in front of the brick get higher than 2 to 2 1/2'. What there grows that low? (Gumpo azaleas?)

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Oh, wow I do like that! That helps tremendously. Thank you :). I'll definitely look into some low growing flowering shrubs.

As far as the tree smack dab in the middle of the yard. We bought the house as a new construction, and that was part of the stock landscaping. Every house in the neighborhood has a tree in the middle of the front yard.... We've only been here for about 4 months, and now that it's warm I'm ready to do something about the awful landscaping.

Thanks again!

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I completely agree with yardvaark that something is needed to partly obscure the blank wall of your neighbor's house. But I suggest you consider the grade between the houses going to the rear. The photo indicates you may have a walkout basement in back. Houses with walkout basements always have a grade difference from front of house to rear of around 9 ft. Unless mitigated with hardscape, the result is usually a steep slope that the home owner comes to hate. It can be much cheaper to complete any needed work in the side and back before doing front landscaping because you haven't yet blocked access.

Another area I'm looking at is the bed inclosed by the walk and drive. It's sloped and probably lacks subsurface drainage. All excess water will have to flow from the bed over the walk or drive and has the potential of carrying mulch onto the walk or yard as well as light mud stains to the concrete. Now would be the time to install drainage and maybe a curb to level the bed.

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Thankfully the slope in the side yard is a very gentle one.

Also, you are correct in thinking that the bed has poor drainage. It doesn't really drain at all. In fact here's a photo after a hard rain. Suggestions that won't cost an arm and a leg?

I was considering some stella d'oro lilies and some dwarf gardenia. Would you plant the stella d'oro in front of or behind the dwarf gardenia? A friend does some landscaping and he suggested in front, but I'm afraid they will grow taller than the gardenia..

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