Spinach leaves turning yellow

gt4889March 15, 2008

3 weeks ago I transplanted some spinach plants I grew last fall to give them a little more breathing room. But now many of the leaves are turning yellow. Old leaves and new ones, too.

My soil is rich in organic matter (raised beds). I had the soil tested and it was fairly well balanced in nutrients. The pH was 6.8 or so.

Any ideas what might be causing this yellowing?

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

In my experience, spinach transplants very poorly. I just thinned the spinach I sowed last fall to give plants more room, and after picking over the thinnings, had a pound, which made a great spinach gratinee for one. The rest of the plants are coming along fine.

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Is there any chance that you mulched around the plants with something that's incompletely rotted? If that's the case, there could be nitrogen competition between the mulch and the spinach. This resolves itself, but some people will give their plants a bit of nitrogen like fish emulsion in the meantime.

Personally, I moved about 30 plants to a new spot 2 weeks ago and I'm not seeing the problem you're having. I wish I could help further. Best of luck. Spinach is good!!!!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Have you had lots of rain lately. Often yellowing leaves is due to excess water. If not, then I'd agree with giving them a good feeding but also keep in mind that spinach plants do have a limited life span and after several months these plants are quite old. It may just be their time. ;)


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Yes, we've received a fair amount of rain lately. I also mulched with shredded leaves...I guess that is a mistake, re: the nitrogen competition?

I'll let things dry out a bit and then hit it with some fish emulsion.

thanks for the insight.

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