Need new tree for front of house planting - please help

katie10sApril 13, 2013

Hello! I am new to the boards. Im a zone 5 gardener. Just removed a huge overgrown hemlock from in front of my house and now have a pretty big spot to fill.

As you can see, I have some large boxwood, some birds nest spruce, a hydrangea standard and a rhododendron (standard form as well).

I'm pretty excited about the chance to plant some perennials now that I have some space. Also, I am left with a large gap in my shrubs - was thinking to put a holly in that space ( maybe one of the christmas tree shaped ones). I would like to plant a deciduous specimen tree a little off center from the chimney. Was thinking a river birch, a tri-color beech or a dogwood. Any other ideas?

My yard is a lot of boxwood, roses, daylilies. I like pink, burgundy and silver plantings. I have several magnolias, dogwoods and another tri color beech nearby. Im worried about the beech blending with the house. Thoughts?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Katie, your picture is very dark. We really can't see details. Maybe take another one?

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