Timing of getting sod out.

ParmaJonMarch 28, 2012

Hello, I live in Portland, OR and am about to clear ground for a new garden. If I'm going to go with in-ground, raised beds, when should I look to take out the grass? The soil underneath is too wet to work still, but is there any harm in tearing out the grass now? Its still very much alive, does it come up and compost better If i Cover it and kill it first?



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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Lots easier to have taken care of this last fall by the lasagna method. And better for the soil--all that organic material just rots.

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I'm in Portland, too, and planning on another raised bed. This time, we're not going to tear out the sod--we're covering the grass with cardboard & then putting soil/compost on top. Taking out the sod this time of year will be a muddy mess, and you will end up removing a lot of soil with it. I've found sod removal easier (and less messy--you can just shake the dirt out) at the end of summer.

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One way is to go rent a sod cutter.
Cut the sod and roll it up.
Either stack it to be used, or turn it into compost.

I put in a second eighteen by ten foot garden twenty some years ago and I cut the sod with large butcher knife.
A machine is much, much, much simpler.
It saves a huge amount of time and effort to just be able to start working the cleared area.

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