Help identifying brand/model of patio canopy

ramsfan241April 8, 2014

We recently bought a new (to us) house and the canopy in the picture was on the patio in the back yard. It's definitely seen a few seasons and has several small tears and worn spots in it and we realize it only has a few more seasons left to it. The problem is that we don't know what brand or model the canopy is. I haven't been able to locate any sort of label or anything on either the material or the frame to identify the manufacturer. If it's any help, each corner has two 4"x4" metal legs instead of just one leg (I have more pictures that I can share if it would help). If anyone might have any ideas of what company might have made it or directions I could go to look or ask questions, I'd definitely appreciate it.


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Did you try googling Awning with your zip code? Many places in my area do it. You could ask Sears for a replacement estimate. Ask the neighbors if they remember who built the awning. Surely one of our smart people can give you much better help than I did.

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Google "10 x 12 replacement canopy" (if that's what size it is) and look at shopping, images or Amazon.

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