conifers (Thuja) near retaining wall

BalintApril 29, 2013

What is the minimum distance from a concrete retaining wall that a Thuja Green Giant can be planted without risk to tree or wall? These trees will be topped out at approximately 12-15 feet. Is there a difference if the trees are there already and now we want to dig down and put in the wall? Thanks.

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There are so many variables with a question like this that there's not an absolute, definitive answer. It's not as if someone tried ALL the horticultural experiments for ALL the plants, recorded them and now there is a book in which we can look up the results. Much of this is guessing from the gut. In this case, some of the answer depends on the construction of the wall itself. The difference with the trees already being there is that in order to put in the wall, you'll be cutting off a lot of their roots. If the wall was there first, the roots would have grown around it some way or another.

It would be better if you show your proposed plan and post a picture of the existing conditions so we could "guess from the gut." You could average out the guesses if there are enough of them, and balance them against what you believe to be true. It's pay your money and take your chances.

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