Help with indoor cucumber plants

dsi411March 1, 2014

Note: I posted this in the container garden forum too. I hope that isn't against the rules. I just want some help.

I am growing Bush Champion cucumbers from seed indoors. It is under full spectrum grow lights. They are in a self watering container. It is pretty big and I don't think they are cramped. I have a few questions.
-There are two cucumber plants. Should I take one out? One is bigger and has more leaves but the other has more female flower buds(mini cucumbers). Will this allow better root development?

-How can I ensure I will get cucumbers? I've grown a cucumber plant before on the windowsill but it never produced. The female flowers just died off. I don't want this to happen again.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You don't mention the size of the container and it is impossible to tell from the picture. That is what would determine if it is big enough to cope with 2 plants or not. But 90% of the time one plant will do better in a container than 2 will.

Whether or not you will get cukes from it all depends on how successful you are at doing hand pollination. Your artificial growing environment will prevent the normal insect and wind pollination.


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Hello digdirt. The container can hold approximately 1.1 US dry gallons of soil.
How do you suggest that I pollinate my cucumbers? What is the most effective way?
The picture shows the female flowers on the smaller plant. The bigger plant doesn't have any large female flowers yet. If I should take a plant out, which one should it be?

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so what i would do is take one of those cucumbers out of the pot. Then i would hand pollinate like mad. I have never tried growing cucumber or squash indoors so you might get production you might not. just give it plenty of light and hope for the best i guess. you will need a bigger pot than a 1 gallon tell you that right now. Give that plant all the room it can take up and it will get huge and more chance of it producing some nice fruit for you. I have a youtube channel you can check out where i am doing some indoor growing and seed starting. My channel is TheItalian Garden. I will be growing my squash and cucumber out side but starting them inside so hope to see you on the channel. ask as many questions that you want. i wll try to answer them. I am not an expert though so i have a limit to what i know.

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Hi Jonathan. I don't have any containers bigger than 1 gallon, but I'll take your advice and remove one of the plants. So which one should it be? The smaller one with more female flowers or the bigger one? I also subscribed to your youtube channel.

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You need to choose a "greenhouse" variety for indoor cukes...which your chosen cuke isn't.

To make matters more difficult, a lot of these are heavily influenced by light quality and will produce more male flowers than female flowers without proper quality light.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

There is a detailed FAQ here on how to do hand pollination. Just click on the blue FAQ button near the top of any forum page.

But which to remove? Really makes no difference as your plant will very likely not be productive anyway. You might get 1 small cuke with good hand pollination.

Your container is far too small for even one plant and so it will be very stressed. Even if planted outside in a container it would need to be a much bigger container.

Bottom line - you are trying a grow this plant indoors under very artificial conditions and it simply isn't an indoor plant. Very few vegetables are. So just enjoy it as a plant for as long as it lives but don't expect to get actual cukes. Sorry.


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I already know I'm probably not going to get much production. I just like to grow these stuff for fun and see what happens, even if it doesn't produce actual fruit. I guess I'll try a greenhouse variety next time.

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