perlite has fert in it! forgot to read label.

Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))June 25, 2014


Just so this doesn't happen to anyone else ...

my perlite that I got at HD (only kind they had...) had fertilizer in it!!! It was MG brand.

Does everyone else already know about this? I was foolish and did not read the package closely. I've never heard of perlite having fert in it. I thought it was a soil amendment. Silly me. Soon they will put it on the table with the salt and pepper.

I only realized *after* I finished a repotting. I hope my plant won't be upset.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I took a quick look at the Miracle-Gro website, and the listed NPK is 0.07-0.07-0.07. I'd consider that to be insignificant, and it's certainly no cause for alarm. Even it were higher, I don't see any reason for either you or your plant to be upset. If you don't mind my asking, why does it concern you?

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Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))

I don't mind your asking at all.

Well, for me, it is a little bit like the way a lot of manufacturers are putting sugar in everything now. I think they do it because sugar is sort of addictive. It's in salsas, it's in many pasta sauces ... it's in so many places where it's not necessary. It's not like people can't add their own at home if they want.

I have found sugar in salt. Literally, in some types of table salt, if you read the label, there is sugar in it ("dextrose," f.e.) Sure, it's a tiny amount. But a regular person -- in my opinion -- doesn't expect there to be sugar in a big container of salt. If I wanted sugar, I know where to get it. Most regular people, imho, would not even think to bother to read a label on a container of salt. What else would be in it? (Okay, a tiny bit of de-clumpifier, maybe...)

And for me, this perlite went into a big container of organic dirt that now has a lemon tree in it. So, that tree's not organic anymore. (And I know the risk of anything particular happening is low. It's just the idea I don't like.)

Of course it is my fault for not reading more closely. So I was just trying to warn people.

I already avoid MG products b/c one of them killed my sweet pea seedlings a while back, though really I should blame the big box employee for recommending it. Now I am going to have to be even more careful.

For flowers, I don't care as much, of course. Though I still try to stick to naturals, or at least, to be *aware* of what I'm putting on plants.

Anyhoo, I hope I don't sound like a hater! I just think some things should be left alone. Simplicity and so forth.

Anyway, have a great day.

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I think the companies are now being forced to list ingredients as never before. Many natural products contain trace amounts of many things you would not expect. With the present state of litigation they don't want to take a chance of not reporting even a minute amount on the label. Al

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