Front door color on a house with red brick

lg2451April 5, 2009

I would like to paint my front door a different color, but am not sure what color is most appropriate. I really have my heart set on a red, but that may be a problem with the red brick. Right now the door is a very dark green. There are no shutters, but there is a lighter color of green on the siding of the house. I am more than willing to paint the siding if I need to. You can see the all of this in my pictures. I am including the link to the photos:

I'd love any help I could get here. Soon I will start cleaning up this front area - yard, landscaping, etc... Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a porch color? I can't afford to have it tiled at this point, and right now it is painted a redish clay like the brick... with a porch paint.

I would love recommendations for front door color, corresponding porch color, and even siding color. I want to feel good about this house again.


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some pics can help some:

Here is a link that might be useful: share ideas

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I quite like the black door and the porch floor matching the brick. It's classic, simple, elegant and matches the style of the house in my opinion. If you want to add more vivid stuff, I'd go for big pots of tropical annuals like cannas or something and put them a little ways away from the house. I'd keep the pots very understated - simple square pots in a darker color, rather than anything too ornate. Actually if it was my house, I'd probably would keep the plantings at the front of the house fairly subdued and classic and save the showy, colorful stuff for the backyard. But it sounds like you're 'itchin' to go wild....:- )

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Better Homes and Gardens has a color-a-home interactive program that lets you change colors on a home's door, siding, etc. I used this when I was changing colors of my home - red brick with green siding and a yellow door! I would have never done this except for this program - and everyone loves it! (It looks great with my Julia Child roses in bloom.) Good luck with your decision!

Here is a link that might be useful: BHG - color-a-home

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Hello! I am agonizing over siding, trim & window colors to go with our ranch house that has lots of brick. Brick has numerous shades of red, some yellow & brown hues and also a black one here and there. I would LOVE to see a pic of your house. Would you mind sending me one? I'm going to try the site that you mentioned as well.

Thank you!

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