White Deposits on Exterior of Clay Pots--Any Significance?

tillygrowerJune 6, 2013

I have noticed that all of the plants I have in clay pots tend to form these white deposits on the exterior of the pots over time. Some plants are in gritty mix, others are in MG potting soil, and they all do the same thing. I water with water that comes from the tap but is run through a charcoal filter. I am fertilizing with Foliage Pro at 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp/ gal, depending on the plant and the season. The plants seem to be fine, but I'm wondering if the white deposits mean something significant? Excess salts? High TDS in my tap water? Should I care?

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hard water

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Sorry that was vage. use vinigar and water and a soft cloth to remove the calcium deposit on the out side of the pot, my take several applications. if you dont want this use bottled water. the hard water has seeped through the pours of the clay and left you calcium.

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According to our local water company, the water they supply is naturally "soft". Their website says it contains "2 grains per gallon, or 34 mg/liter"...

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Looks like mold to me. The cool damp and porus conditions of terra cotta are a perfect medium for mold to grow. I have it on most of my terra cotta pots. Its completely normal and just needs a good wipe down every few weeks.

It would take a TON of water for any mineral to deposit like that. I highly doubt its calcium or other scale deposit.

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