China White Collards?

tricia73(8)March 17, 2013

I met someone yesterday at a plant show and sale in FL who was looking for what he termed as an "old heirloom collard" called China White. I have never heard of this variety and after several hours of searching the web I have not been able to find anything about it online. The only thing I could find was that Farnham collected several heirloom varieties of collards from the Carolina plains and they are now stored in NY. But not what varieties he found or if there is any way of purchasing any seeds of these dieing heirloom varieties.

Has anyone else ever heard of this variety of collard greens or know anything about it?

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tricia73 you spent several hours looking.
the answer to you question bok choy otherwise known as Chinese white cabbage and Chinese chard cabbage.
the secret to searching is knowing where to look and how to look.

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Bok choy/pak choi is a possiblity as it is known as Chinese white cabbage. Never heard of anyone confusing it with collards ( a loose leaf cabbage that is biennial) Pak choi bolts early in its growth cycle..

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