replacing split rail fence

wifetojoeiiiApril 14, 2011

Wondering if I can get some ideas from all of you. We are in the country and have a large gray farmhouse with a white front porch. We have 3 planting beds along the front of our yard, one on each corner and one almost in the center of the other 2. We have a large lot and they are spaced about 60 feet apart from each other. They are all in the shade and planted with ferns, hostas, astilbes, and other shade plants. They each have a gray split rail fence as a decorative border - a fence post in the center with rails coming off it that lay at an angle from the post to the ground.

I am considering replacing the split rail fence with something less rustic. Any & all ideas are welcome!

Sorry no pics - couldn't figure out how to post pics...

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I like shrub fence,stone with moss fence,rock with tree root could email me your pics.

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Load your pictures into photobucket or some other photo site that gives you the html code (the one that starts with ) copy the full code and paste into your message. you won't see the picture until you preview your messge.

do you want a full fence around your yard so that there's a fence even between the separate beds? Or are you just looking for fence sections at the existing beds.

I'm thinking you could do brick or stone pillars with some wrought iron sections between them. or sections of white picket fence anchored by evergreens

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karinl(BC Z8)

Are you sure you need something at all? And does it need to be the same thing for each bed?

For "less rustic" I don't know if rock would do, that's an obvious option. Other than that I like putting containers in my beds - they create some height variation among plants in season, and stand alone form in winter.

Designshare does rather surrealistic photoshops, just to warn you.


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