help with pond landscape

newbie-3April 29, 2013

we have (2) ponds and the edges always look.. not very nice.. sand/dirt, etc (see picture directly below).. how do the pros make there edges of ponds look like the picture in bottom link below.. is there a certain type of grass seed i can throw down, or any other suggestions? i know im going to have to remove some of that old tree wood

i attached a link at bottom to show what i would like to have.. or something similiar actually

thanks for the help!

Here is a link that might be useful: ideal pond edge

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Curious as tto the function of the pond?? Note you aren't growing any water plants. Grass is generally tough in florida even in good locations There are a gazillion types
of water plants that would flourish there The goal is to just cover the edges?? gary

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correct, just have grass grow to edges.. we have a lot of bahia here.. but before i spend monies on grass seed it would be nice to know if there is a specific method pros use to cover those edges with grass.. im not interested in plants in the water


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In order for grass seed to grow, it must make direct contact with the soil. You might experiment on a small area first. Remove dead material covering the ground, scratch up the soil surface, apply bahia seed, fertilizer, and a light mulch of straw. Apply water periodically. (Do not let the seed dry out once it sprouts.) You'll probably have success if you can get this going soon and let the rainy season finish the job.

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Your slopes might be a tad to steep to keep the grass mowed and allow the seeds to not get washed away. Looking at the one you linked the sides slope more.

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