Using root stimulator in potted fruit trees?

charleslou23June 8, 2012

i got some fertilome root stimulator recently for a few in ground fruit trees, just wondering if it's suitable or helpful for the ones in the containers? I got some potted citrus and tropical fruit trees.

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I am not familiar with the product,but am always leery of anything with unknown ingredients, promising such things as "stimulation of the roots". Al

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they sell it everywhere...

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I would skip it for containers and trees planted out, unless your soil is granitaceous or very sandy. There is very probably no value in the excess P (7-10 times more than necessary) or the thiamine. The only fraction of the product that might have the potential to be beneficial is the IBA it contains, and I think that is more than offset by the potential negatives associated with the excess P.


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