problems with miracle grow potting soil

parker806(zone 8 GA)June 6, 2008

any one else have prob with miracle grow potting soil. i having prob with other weeds etc, growing in the soil after i transplant my plants. clover weed almost took over my fox tail fern. i want to switch to anothe brand but not sure what one to use?

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Could be the mix, but are you sure it isn't weeds in your area blowing in?

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I agree, it's probably more of a windborne issue. I used miracle grow potting soil in all my containers and I have no weeds. I'm on an 8 story balcony, so while I am definitely pulling fluffy white weed spores out of the pots I'm probably not getting the same kind of weed seeds I'd have if I were near the ground. Try mulching your containers to keep the weeds down.

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My miracle grow potting soil doesn't soak up water. I planted a bunch of seeds, with some tiny ones laying on top. What can I do, or how would you recommend watering?

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