Repotting a kumquat & avocado tree, should I root prune?

podpeopleJune 27, 2011

Hey folks,

I was just given a small Nagami kumquat and a Hass avocado tree (neither have any flowers or fruits) that have been sitting in their small 3 gallon nursery pots for a very long time and are fairly root bound. I'm going to repot them and I just wanted to see if both of these take favorably to bare rooting or root pruning? Should I just knock out the old soil and replant in Al's mix or are are these the kind of trees that do better with a little root pruning (remove about 1/3 of the bottom roots)?

Thanks for your time,


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zackey(GA 8b)

Good question. I wish I knew the answer! I worked in plant nurseries for a few years and I thought I had repotted just about everything at every stage of potbound. I never heard of root pruning like that. I'd just remove the old soil if you feel the need to. The roots might wrapped around the rootball alot. Half the fun is the challenge of repotting something that rootbound. We never removed the old soil. Maybe because it was in a nursery? Maybe homeowners repot differently. Anxious to see other people's answers!

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stropharia(8b louisiana)

I haven't worked with avocados, but I bare rooted a Meiwa kumquat into Al's mix earlier this year (see this thread) and it's doing great. There are at least 30 fruits developing now, and it has just started putting out a little new growth and another flush of flowers.

Normally it's best to do this sort of work in the spring, before it gets too hot and the plants start putting out new growth. I recently made a post about this subject here, so that may help you as well.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

What S said. Timing is important.


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