Flower Bed Redesign - Help Needed

decochalApril 30, 2011

The bed area in front of my house needs to be redesigned. There is a small, curved area, defined by a sloppy retaining wall, that was filled with HUGE perennials by the previous owner. To the left of that is a sloped area with nothing but gray rock - I want the rock gone, and I want the 2 areas to be one, preferably with some small perennials, and room to plant some cheerful annuals. I am also open to the idea of small bushes/trees. Any suggestions where I should start would be appreciated. I have thought about extending the wall all the way to the left, but not sure how to go about doing that (I do have more of the same colored bricks in the back). I've also thought about pulling the whole thing out and starting over. My front yard is pretty small, and the left side of the photo is the end of our yard. I can't seem to get a picture to post in this forum, so hoping this link works. Thanks so much for your time!

Here is a link that might be useful: Front Yard Pictures

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Trying again to link pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: New link for pictures

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Yes, pull out the whole thing and start over. BIG house, BIG lawn, BIG driveway, ITTY BITTY flower bed, proportioned microscopically. By all means, start over and give your new bed generous proportions, a minimum of 6 foot of depth, a broad sweeping curve, let it eat up as much of the lawn as you are willing to garden in. Feel free to step AWAY from the house. Make no small plans, dream big.

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